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Frequently Asked Questions
Q - Why should I join Ecode’s Green Builder Directory?
A -Ecode checks every green organization and certification directory to ensure that contractors actually have all the certifications and memberships selected when creating their profile. This creates confidence in future clients and helps the company stand out as being Green.
Q - Does Ecode actually check all the green certifications and memberships for every new member?
A - YES, we do. This is Ecode’s way of ensuring that contractors are not taking advantage of this opportunity without fully committing to sustainability.
Q - How much does it cost to join the Ecode contractor directory?
A - Joining our directory is absolutely FREE! There are no hidden costs.
Green Building
Q - What are the environmental benefits of building green?
A - The benefits are many: Reduce solid waste from landfills Protect ecosystems Conserve natural resources Improve air and water quality
Q - What are the health and community benefits?
A - Some of the benefits are:
- Improve comfortability and health for visitors and occupants
- Minimize the strain on local infrastructure
- Improve air, acoustic and thermal environments
- Contribute to the overall quality of life
- Buildings represent 38.9% of U.S. primary energy use (includes fuel input for production)
- In the U.S. buildings account for 38% of all CO2 emissions
- Building represent 72% of the U.S. electricity consumption
- Building use 13.6% of all potable water, or 15 trillion gallons per year.
- Buildings use 40% of raw materials globally (3 billion tons annually).